Financial Planning

Connect 4 Financial Services' objective is to provide our clients sound financial advice. Here at Connect 4 Financial Services we believe in strong foundations. Financial planning not only involves sophisticated investment planning, it utilises a collection of tools and strategies to help achieve personal goals. To achieve financial freedom the 4 core building blocks need to be addressed first, which are, Investments, Superannuation, Debt Management and Risk Management.

Investment Planning

  • "What should I invest?"
  • "What vehicle should I use?"
  • "What is the most tax effective method?"

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Superannuation Planning

  • "How much is enough?"
  • "How much do I have now?"
  • "Have you thought about how you are going to fund this length of time?"

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Debt Management

  • "Do you know how to manage and minimise debt?"
  • "What should I be looking for in a loan?"
  • "What type of loan is best for my purpose?"

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Risk Management

  • "Who pays the bills if you could not work?"
  • "Death in family caused financial pain?"
  • "Protected your income?"

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Once these core building blocks are in place we will be one step closer to achieving financial freedom. These core building blocks will pave the way for advanced investment planning, debt recycling and gearing opportunities to accelerate wealth creation
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