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Find your lost super

Do you have multiple superannuation accounts?

Don't know where your superannuation is?

Want advice choosing the right fund and investment options?

Want someone to find and consolidate them all for you?

It is estimated that there is over 12.9 billion dollars in lost superannuation and over 31.9 million super accounts in Australia for only 11.3 million workers. That means that on average Australians have 3 super accounts in their name of which they pay a fee of $1.50 per week. This equates to Australian super members possibly paying $234.00 per year in duplicate fees. Not to mention insurance premiums on 3 super accounts which could amount to a further few hundred dollars.

Did you know that you can go onto the ATO website and search for your lost super under Superseeker? The only problem with this search is that you will only be on this register if your superannuation fund reports you as a lost member.  By law superannuation funds must report you as a lost member, however with my experience I have found many superfunds do not. I have found member's lost super by other means. Most superannuation funds do not report you as they want to keep your money!


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